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Benefits for our Patients

All IDF members, united in a powerful digital network, are able to share  cases between each other, and if necessary, can offer a patient ,while travelling , the benefit of  support from colleagues all over the world.


International Dentists Fellowship (IDF) is a study club, and virtual network where general dentists and specialists with international training, AT ANY SCHOOL from all over the world, are in on-going contact in order to share their  scientific knowledge.
We want to discuss interesting cases, treatment planning issues and twice a year join at a meeting. We would like to emphasize the importance of continuing education programs in order to keep our group in the forefront of new developments.

Our goal is to achieve steady improvement in  everyday clinical practice and to offer patients  evidence based, innovative solutions to their dental problems.


The innovative idea

Our group will study complex cases.. We will start our discussion with  diagnosis, and treatment planning and carry on through completion and post-treatment review of cases.We will benefit from  a multidisciplinary approach to complex cases.
Working in real time with an innovative and effective computing platform, we will take advantage of the skills and specializations achieved during  years of study and clinical experience from each one of the members.
The satisfaction of our patients and solving dental problems are the engine that will drive us to improve our knowledge and skills.



We will emphasize the fundamental importance of the preservation of the dentition, the importance of  accuracy in conservative dentistry, and the value of endodontic treatment. Implants and maxillo- facial surgery will also be discussed. Our medical knowledge will be used to investigate solutions that are evidence based, less invasive, rapid and effective.


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